Innovation in Action

Not sure how you can best utilize Stealthwerx's technology and software? Here are a few examples to help you brainstorm!

Portable Weather & Traffic Receiver (PWTR)

PWTR is a Stealthwerx-funded project designed to display real-time weather in the B-2's local area. PWTR also has another capability of identifying and tracking airborne objects within Line of Sight.


Cargo Pod

This system supports exercises and deployments by efficiently carrying cargo in the B-2. This pod carries more equipment and crew baggage allowing more room elsewhere on the aircraft. Two removable, large sealed panel doors, both inboard and outboard, make loading and unloading more efficient than previous models. This project is an ongoing area of design and development for our office in direct support of the B-2 mission.

Reverse Engineering


This process deconstructs finished products to learn the software, hardware, construction, and other internal aspects within the product. With this knowledge, we can recreate the valuable parts in our products.


The HYMORE fueling system allows our airmen to conduct mission-critical “hot pit” refueling operations by tapping into an essentially-limitless supply of fuel rather than relying on traditional fuel trucks.

Enduralock Fasteners

Fasteners (nuts, bolts, safety wire, cotter pins, etc.) haven't seen significant modernization for decades yet they contribute to significant maintenance failures and delays for aircraft, vehicles, and Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE). Enduralock has developed new fasteners that will counteract many of the commonly established failure modes of legacy fasteners, while providing maintainers with new secure, aircraft-grade parts that can eliminate traditional securing methods like safety wire and cotter pins. Stealthwerx is partnering with Enduralock to bring these fasteners to Whiteman and champion their proliferation throughout AFGSC.