Our Team

Major Ben Fogarty

509th BW Director of Innovation

Maj Fogarty is a developmental electrical engineer who has worked in AF acquisitions for over a decade in a major MDS program office, the test community and the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL). His test leadership experience ranges across live-fire, flight, operational, and developmental test methodologies and his S&T (Science & tech, aka R&D) experience includes developing weapons/comm systems and technologies at every level of maturity from TRL 1-7. Maj Fogarty's specialty is in Low Observables and he serves as the senior engineer in the 509 MXG.

MSgt Greg T. Alderson


Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC)

MSgt Greg Alderson is currently a Hydraulic Technician on the B-2 Bomber, and has also been assigned to the F-15 Eagle. With over 20 years mechanical experience, he offers a hands-on frame of reference to the mission here at Stealthwerx. MSgt Greg Alderson has also earned his CCAF in A. A. S. in Aerospace Maintenance.

Innovation Augmentees

Our team includes multiple active-duty volunteers helping with our projects. If you work at Whiteman AFB, talk to us about opportunities for you to work full or part time in our office.