Strategic Partnerships

National Security Innovation Network (NSIN)

NSIN is a problem-solving organization for the DoD designed to solve national security issues in new ways. Headquartered in Arlington, Va., NSIN has 11 Regions throughout the United States to provide an organizational and management construct for the execution of our work.

Stealthwerx is working with NSIN to develop agile software applications for the Airmen Against Drunk Driving (AADD) program and local pilot training scheduling and grading.

UMKC (University of Missouri - Kansas City)

UMKC Innovation Center works across the university and community to connect, support, sustain, and empower entrepreneurial efforts within our region and across the country.

UMKC and Stealthwerx have worked together since April 2021, connecting SBIR & STTR project teams and researchers with end users in the B-2 community for a variety of fast paced projects delivering capability to the warfighter across every local mission set.

UCM - Missouri Innovation Campus

MIC provides innovative educational opportunities to thousands of students and adults in the Greater Kansas City area with a new model for education in Missouri that focuses on student outcomes and workforce needs.

Stealthwerx is exploring opportunities for partnering with MIC to give students and airmen opportunities to engage with each other and cross-pollinate ideas.

AFGSC - A4/A5/A9

A4: Logistics & Maintenance

A5: Plans & Requirements

A9: Innovation, Analyses, and Leadership Development

AFGSC's mission is the cornerstone of strategic deterrence for our nation, partners and allies around the world; we remain ALWAYS READY to deliver long-range precision strike... anytime, anywhere around the globe.

The 509 BW and Stealthwerx fall under Operational Control from AFGSC. We work with our partners primarily in these 3 directorates to generate new requirements for the B-2 community that kickstarts the process for bringing innovative and modernized technologies to our airmen.

CIC/Strikewerx: Cyber Innovation Center

CIC/Strikewerx provides the ability to discover, assess and deliver innovative solutions via non-traditional methods and external partnerships. Located in the heart of the Ark-La-Tex region, Strikewerx solves AFGSC's toughest challenges by connecting people and resources across government, business, and academia.

The Cyber Innovation Center and Strikewerx are Stealthwerx's partner organizations in the same mission area at AFGSC. We work together to scale and transition capabilities vertically through the AF from the base to MAJCOM to AF levels.

C5BDI: C5 Business Development Innovations

C5: Command, Control, Communications, Computers, & Combat Systems

C5BDI is a strategic planning, management and business development consulting firm. C5BDI provides organization, direction and clarity to the entire strategic planning and BD operation.

C5BDI and Stealthwerx work together to pair SBIR companies with end users around Whiteman and the wider AF community.

LT Capital Ventures

LT Capital helps build technology startups by making strategic investments and connecting companies to channel partners, prime contractors, other investors and defense customers.

LT Capital and Stealthwerx work together to pair SBIR companies with end users around Whiteman and the wider AF community.

Aloha Spark

Aloha Spark is the Air Force Innovation cell located at Hickam AFB, Hawaii. Their mission is to significantly increase military effectiveness through agile practices, technology and partnerships by leveraging the innovation within our Airmen.

Aloha Spark and Stealthwerx are partnering to develop the TRON grid throughout the Midwest and USAF. TRON provides agile and organic SW development solutions at the local level where they're needed. Learn more at

RSO/AMPO (Rapid Sustainment Office/Advanced Manufacturing Program Office (Subset of RSO)

The RSO increases mission readiness and capabilities by scaling innovative solutions to advance and modernize sustainment operations for the world’s most advanced Air Force.

The RSO and AMPO govern the processes and equipment for all production-quality official 3D printers in the USAF. Stealthwerx is working with the RSO to standardize new processes for reverse engineering aircraft and other parts to buy back technical data for the government and reduce supply chain strain.

AFLCMC - Air Force Life Cycle Management Center

If Airmen fly it, fuel it, transport it, drive it, wear it, shelter in it, communicate with it, or drop it on targets... AFLCMC provides it! AFLCMC is located at nine major CONUS locations including Wright-Patterson AFB, Eglin AFB, Tinker AFB, Peterson AFB, and more.

LCMC being the organization that contains all weapon system program offices (SPOs), including the B-2 SPO, means that they are an integral part of Stealthwerx promulgating any innovation forward to be adopted through traditional acquisition channels.

AFRL - Air Force Research Lab

AFRL, located at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, consists of scientists, researchers and professionals that re-imagine what’s possible, creating tomorrow’s technology, TODAY. This pursuit of innovation delivers solutions for our warfighter's urgent needs, creating innovative new capabilities for the Air Force and Space Force.

AFRL contains numerous experts and special offices that Stealthwerx can connect airmen with to answer questions, work with them on the art of the possible, and develop innovative ideas into tangible products.

Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex

The Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex, Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma, is one of the largest units in the Air Force Materiel Command, with a team of over 10,300 military and civilian professionals delivering combat power for America. The complex is responsible for the development and sustainment of a diverse portfolio of mission-critical software for the Air Force and diverse other customers, as well as world-wide aircraft battle damage repair capability for multiple weapon systems.

The OKALC and Weapon System Support Center (WSSC), the sustainment arm of the B-2 SPO, at Tinker contain numerous organizations involved in the continuing support of the B-2 through end-of-life. Stealthwerx is the conduit for airmen at Whiteman to access these organizations, their engineers, and other resources to fully realize their innovative ideas affecting the platform.